Barn Boards and More…

Big News! We’ve moved our studio from downtown Gardiner to our warehouse location at 521 Water St. This is a really cool old warehouse building with 2800sf or retail space to display all our barn wood treasures and creations! If you haven’t come by yet please stop in and check it out. New front patio entrance and road sign coming soon!

Welcome to our site! If you enjoy reclaimed wood and furniture made from it then you are in the right place.


There’s a lot of buzz these days about reclaiming and repurposing wood. Here is an explanation of the two terms:

To repurpose wood, sometimes also referred to as upcycling, is to take conditionally good material and re-use it for something other than its originally intended use.

To reclaim wood is to salvage material that has reached the end of its existence, revitalize it with life for use again, and transform it either back to its original intent or for another purpose(s). In short, working with reclaimed wood may require more steps before you get a finished product, but more importantly, both actions save materials from ending up unwanted in a dumpster and eventually in our landfills.

Source: 3 Cool Uses For Repurposed (Or Reclaimed) Wood –


Why Buy Reclaimed? Check out this video from the Resource Conservation Group.