I grew up in a small town. At one time it was known as “Slab City”.  Slabs being, in this case, granite not wood. Stone and wood.  Two substances found in old barns living parallel lives one being a little more resilient than the other.

Granite is the principal rock, of which there is much of a fine quality quarried. The soil is sandy, or a sandy loam. Pine is the most  numerious wood, but alternating with hemlock, maple, birch and poplar.

At South Chesterville, situated on Parker’s Pond,  there are a lumbermill and a grist-mill. North 
Chesterville, or Keith’s Mills,  on Wilson’s Stream, is the centre of the wholesale manufacture of wagons and sleighs, which have a reputation throughout the State. The machine work is done  at the village, but the larger part of the labor is performed on the neighboring  farms; thus mingling the labors of the farm and the shop.